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Building quality roofs since 1975.
Our roofers in Turlock, CA, are eager to find out more about your needs. Let us analyze your current situation and offer solutions that fit your expectations. There are no roofs that we could not repair or replace.


Roof Repair

The lifespan of a roofing system is about 20 years, but many people don't realize when their roofs are getting old. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, it's especially important to keep an eye on it and make sure it's in good shape. Our roof repair services will allow you to ensure your roof is in good condition and lasts for years.
Roof Modification

If you are planning to remodel your existing roof, don't hesitate to reach out to our roofing contractors. Our professionals are able to assess your existing property and offer safe solutions to your needs. We can do everything from roof-raising to skylight installation. Start your new projects without worries today!
Roof Installation

We understand that installing a roof can be a big investment, so we'll take the time to explain all of your options. Our contractors will walk you through our process and make sure you understand exactly what we do and how it benefits you. If you have questions regarding our services or which roofing material is best for your property, contact us today.
Roof Inspections

Your roof is an essential part of your structure, and it's crucial that you keep it in tip-top shape. Let us help you identify potential issues before they spread to other parts of your property.

Our Projects

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that we are so proud of
No job is too big, or too small.
Fast and reliable roof repair
We would be honored to work with you.
Creating beautiful roofs since 1975.

Why Choose Us?

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Quality and warranty
Only high-quality materials and professional staff will help you build you a quality made roof.
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Safe and friendly
Our teams are trained to work safely so there is no damage to your property. We want you to have a smile on your face when we are done.
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Respect of deadlines
Construction work starts right after the contract is signed and we work quickly to get the job done.

How It Works

The process of roof repair and or replacement can be explain

Estimate given

We come to your home and survey the job. We will give you an estimate for the roof repair/replacement.

Estimate accepted and contract signed

Once the estimate is accepted, we will sign a contract and proceed to the next steps.

Roof repair/replacement begins

We begin the agreed-upon job and start a.s.a.p.

Finish roof quickly and safetly

We will quickly and safely begin and finish the job.


Since 1975, we've got a lot of positive reviews.
Here are some of them
We were very pleased with DeHart Roofing. Their crew was conscience, cleaned up everything and did a stellar job. We highly recommend them for your roofing needs!
After 5 years of struggling with a terribly worn out roof I set out to see if we could possibly afford a new roof. After getting 3 estimates I contacted DeHarts Roofing to do the job because they were the most responsible. Larry came out and worked with us on financing. From there on out the wheels started rolling and in a matter of a few days we had a new roof. No more worries about wind blowing or rain leaks. The work was completed and all was cleaned up in about 3 hours. I highly recommend DeHart Roofing for all your needs. Thank you again to the DeHart family for their great work and friendly treatment.       
I got a quote from DeHart Roofing for a re-roofing a home for a relative out in Oakdale. They showed up for the estimate at the time that we had agreed on, and was able to give me a price on the spot. They weren't the cheapest, however I do believe that they were the most affordable. We decided to go with DeHart for the roof, and installed a Presidential TL Ultimate.The rate at which the crew works is unbelievable, they had the entire job (4,000') roofed in two whole work days.

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